Talk about zoo crowding!

Apr 25


i wasn’t able to watch the episode yesterday so if anyone has a link to stream online that would be awesome! 

Apr 22

What are the chances Darren will go to Disneyland today. I’m going for the first time and that would just be the best birthday present ever!!

Apr 21

Waiting in an airport…

For a flight away from a place I’m not really sure I’m ready to leave.

"you make it hard to see where i belong to when I’m not around you, its like I’m not with me.

but I never told you, what I should have said. No, I never told you, I just held it in. And now, I miss everything about you, can’t believe that I still want you. After all that we have been through. I miss everything about you, without you.”

But no matter what I only have myself to blame for the tears sneaking out right now. I left home first, I moved away first and distance has a funny way of growing instead of shrinking no matter how physically close you come back to someone.

Apr 21

Why is it always the person I am least honest with, is myself…

Apr 12
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Apr 06
Will always reblog anything lion king

Will always reblog anything lion king

Mar 04
Mar 03

Oh my GOD, oh my god. oh. My God.  SHUT the FUCK up! Oh my God.  

(laughing so hard right now.)



Mar 03

Just… yes to every single question raised in this performance.  Resounding yes, yes so hard it hurts.  

Listen and stare.  listen and stare.